2011 Novel Jiangsu HA from Swine Signals Zoonotic Flux

Last Updated 2011-01-16

The WHO Chinese National Influenza Center in Beijing deposited a full set of gene segment sequences on 2011-01-14 from a 3M sample taken in Jiangsu Province during the first week of the year.  The Hong Kong Ministry of Health issued a notification that the boy was on long-term steroid treatment for chronic kidney disease.

Preliminary review shows that ChinaJiangsu1_3M_2011_01_04 carries a novel Hemagglutinin most closely related to late decade swine from Asia.  The captivating factor is that this swine-like HA also demonstrates homology at least 25 recent genetic acquisitions into the human pH1N1 reservoir related to the UK Severe Wave and associated sequences on the highly divergent and hyper-zoonotic emerging sub-clades.

GeneWurx has prepared a spreadsheet for collaboration detailing the preliminarily recognised pH1N1 homologies to this most recent sequence in the database, ChinaJiangsu1_3M_2011_01_04.  Several additional matches are not yet vetted for the spreadsheet, including syn338G, syn343G, syn346G, syn353G and syn363G.  Each must be investigated as variant silent codings to changes in pH1N1 at the same amino acid position.


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