NA 106V and 248D Pairing Reaches US and Russia

A/Chita/01, sampled from human lung in Russia with no identifying host gender or age, becomes the 5th distinct sequence on file for the previously discussed 4th permutation of the NA Dual Combination at amino acid positions 106 and 248.  No HA was published for this sample, but the sample location points to fatality and 225G is suspect.

This PF11 sequence demonstrates 106V and 248D and is distinct from the four previous isolates with this characteristic pair:

2009-04 A/Toronto/3184
2009-04 A/Auckland/4
2009-07 A/Toronto/R8564
2009-05 A/Wisconsin/629-D00487

Chita01 is most similar (1417/1419) to Toronto3184, yet all 5 sequences with this pairing are distinct.  2 silent polymorphisms are found on Chita01, coding for syn257R and syn315G.

The NA Dual Combination of 106V and 248D is now found 5 times within ΣPF11:

2009-04 Canada and New Zealand
2009-05 Wisconsin
2009-07 Canada
2009-xx Russia

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