Brasil Registers 1,024 Deaths with Argentina Above 500 Confirmed

Today, Brasil became the first country in the world to register more than 1,000 Confirmed PF11 Deaths.  Argentina follows with 514.  Two additional South American countries have continued into triple digits with Chile at 126 and Peru at 121.  Local news in Brasil reports that at least one state has 200 deaths awaiting lab confirmation.

Yet today, news stories publish disinformation stating that gene studies demonstrate no significant changes have occured in the circulating PF11 strains?

Facts may be measured and validated.  Bodies are being counted.  Genetic changes are demonstrated.

Brasil has published substantial genetic variation at positions matching 1918 and very-high CFR H5N1 strains.  Mid-Term Argentina sequences supplied by Columbia University carry significant variation.  The death counts in each country trend with these genetic acquisitions.

These Southern Hemisphere sub-clades of PF11 will be making their way northward in the coming weeks.  Bear in mind that the United States has registered 688 deaths under two exceptional situations:
  1. All deaths are prior to the normal Fall onset of the "Flu Season".
  2. Very few of the actual deaths have been recorded because testing was curtailed in Late May. 
How much longer will science claim stability in a virus that is rapidly acquiring genetic material?

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