NA 106V and 248D in April 2009 Toronto Sequence Released Today, Distinct

A/Toronto/3184, sampled in April 2009, now becomes the ultimate origin on file for the Northern Hemisphere for the previously discussed 4th permutation of the NA Dual Combination at amino acid positions 106 and 248.

This early PF11 sequence demonstrates 106V and 248D and appears distinct from the April 2009, A/Auckland/4, and the A/Toronto/R8564 specimen sampled in July that are the only other sequences in the PF11 reservoir on file with these two amino acid codings.  The Toronto3184 NA is most similar (1422/1423) to a series from Stockholm, Zhejiang2 and Finland555 (all 106I).

The NA Dual Combination of 106V and 248D is found 3 times: New Zealand and Canada (April) and Canada (July).

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