SingaporeTLL10 HA demonstrates 3 H5N1 amino acids: 206T, 226R and 261V

A/Singapore/TLL10, sample 2009-07-27, is a first on the PF11 background.

SingTLL10 is the first on PF11 to carry 261V, though movement at that position has been documented in Italy51 and Italy53 with 261G and a downstream 263D entered PF11 with Tomsk01 and then continued with 3 Thai sequences (ThaiCU-H9, ThaiCU-B938, ThaiCU-H276).

261V is wild type for H5N1 including Anhui02 that carries all three of the amino acid changes mentioned here for SingTLL10:

  • 206T
  • 226R
  • 261V
H5N1 Anhui02 is a potential donor for 296H that seems to track primarily to 206T bearing strains.

This expansion deeper into Southern Asia with 226R brings the number of sequences bearing the H5N1 match into double digits.  RBD changes matching H5N1 demand scrutiny.  For background, please read an earlier 226R Study.

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