Iran Provides Novel HA sequences with South American Markers

The first PF11 sequences from Iran were published at GenBank on 2009-10-13.  Today those three NA segments were joined by the 3 HA segments.  The samples were taken between 2009-07-27 and 2009-07-30.  The Hemagglutinins show 3 different faces and two are unique into ΣPF11 due to silent polymorphisms.
HA Amino Acid Codings to 1 Novel Polymorphism, 1 Singular Signal and 1 Rare Signal

  •  277N
  •  350G (synonymous A1092G)
  •  465N (synonymous C1437T)

Rare to ΣPF11 with 8 sequences including Argentina7937 and Bogota0466N.
Progenitors may include:
Avian H1N1 including red-winged tinamou/Argentina/MP1/2008 H1N1
     with HA 225G, 277N, 286H, 298V / NA 106I, 248N, 286G
Swine H1N1
Avian H6N1
Human H5N1
Avian H5N1

Novel to ΣPF11.
Progenitors may include:
A/Thailand/271/2005 (H1N1) with NA 45K & HA 225G, 261N, 263D, 264P and 270T, also manages to carry the silent NA:A1038G coding for a synonymous Valine at residue 346 on the Neuramindase (346V) of Ghom1550.  This silent change is found across many serotypes and primarily spans Avian and Swine species.  Influenza Flux may be at work.

NY3205 is the singular ΣPF11 instance.
Progenitors may include:
Swine H1N1, including NCsw36883
Swine H1N2
H1N1 2005 Human Iowa swine worker (IA/CEID23/2005)

Numerous donations are seen from similar strains into both HA and NA of these Iranian sequences.  Recycling of genetic acquisitions is suggestive of patterned recombination.

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