Norway: 1 Mixture of 225D/225G, 5 of 25 have 225E; Spain: 7 of 19 have 225E

225E is becoming fixed.

GenBank Deposits 2009-11-23

Norway: 5 of 25 have 225E
Spain   : 7 of 19 have 225E

A/Norway/2924, sampled on 2009-08-10 from a 40F, is a mixture of wt 225D and 225G after canine cell passage.  The sample also carries the prevalent 206T.

The data collection must begin in earnest after this development.  The first data quality improvement might be to release the sample site and the patient outcome please.

We have no evidence that the cases discussed here are related to the three previously reported instances in Norway of 1 serious illness and 2 fatalities.  Sweden is also today reporting 2 cases of 225G that were serious and treated via ECMO during the summer.  No outcomes noted as yet on Sweden.  Finland reports at midday 1 case of 225G in July.  The list of recent reports extends with the counts actively growing:


Our team expects widespread reporting of 225G in the next few days as the revision is most certainly seeded throughout the world and is probable in any European country with a suitable sample size that is investigating.

The most noticable empty slot should be posted as soon as the pizza finishes on the west side of the Adriatic oven.

Islands like Cyprus, Mauritius, Brac (Croatia), Sicily (Italy), Sardinia (Italy), Majorca (Spain), Ibiza (Spain), Corsica (France), Crete (Greece) and Rhodes (Greece) are attractive examination sites in descending order of potential.  Our team would be amazed if reasonable sampling had occurred on these islands and more than 3 of the 10 failed to demonstrate 225G.  A 50% probability exists in our framework (with a reasonable sample population) that all 10 islands should display at least one case of 225G.

Slovakia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Bosnia from Europe are candidate areas in order of descending potential. 

Africa displays somewhat equal potential at South Africa, Cameroon and Ghana.

The matter of 225G range and transmissibility may best be settled with full sequence publication.

This post will be updated as corroborationg data is made available.

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