Norway Provides Distinct 225G Coding from Lung in September Male Fatality

 A/Norway/3206-3 HA and NA, sampled on 2009-09-01 from the post-mortem lung of a male fatality imports a new 225G to Norway. 

Only CatNS2001 and CatNS2008 from early August carry this variant Glycine coding at amino acid 225 that is seen as T717A, GGt->GGa.  Neither of the cross segment pair, HA syn413K or NA syn407V, appears in this sample.  Norway3206 carries a second HA polymorphism at 140S, a change found only 3 times within the reservoir, but found elsewhere in 1918 specimens, H5N1 Avian, Seasonal 2007, 2008, 2009 and the red-winged tinamou from 2008.

The Norway NA shows one residue of interest at syn291V, a change that is found in 102 sequences including TamiFlu Resistant HK2369, Almati01, Tomsk01, Poland and with deep penetration through Italy and Catalonia.

Two different codings for Glycine at residue 225 at this early stage of the pandemic demonstrates an ability within ΣPF11 for an individual strain to adapt quickly.

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