Norway Sequence with 225G Mixture also Carries syn413K Silent Marker found on the 4 fatal flashfire cases

A/Norway/2924, sampled on 2009-08-10 from a 40F, and reported yesterday to carry a mixture of wt 225D and 225G with the 206T pairing also demonstrates syn413K, an Avian H1N1 SNP found in the most recent 225G sequences from the widely reported fatal cases in the ongoing flashfire that is now nearing 1.7 million cases with 397 deaths and 99,661 hospitalisations.

Norway2924 HA
  • 225G *
  • syn413K encoded from A1281G, AAa->AAg *
  • syn464G encoded from A1434G, GGa->GGg
* SNP Matches the 4 fatal flashfire cases

The silent 413K and 464G are both found on a very special bird from Argentina

ReAssortment is downrated as a 225G transfer mechanism from Norway to the flashfire due to Norway2924 having an additional unmatched silent SNP, A1434G, GGa->GGg, coding for a synonymous Glycine at 464 (syn464G).  This SNP is novel to ΣPF11 and is found widely on Swine H1N1 and H1N2, including most recently on A/swine/Hong Kong/294/2009 (H1N2), and Avian H1N1 in the red-winged tinamou/Argentina/MP1/2008 (HA 225G, 277N, 286H, 298V / NA 106I, 248N, 286G).

225G on 5 sequences (Norway2924 and 4 flashfire specimens) all sharing a rare syn413K on 5 distinctly different backgrounds closes the door on spontaneous and / or random mutation in this dataset.

With the two pillars of genetic acquisition impeached, deduction leads us to Dr. Niman's Recombination theory if we seek an explanation based on data.

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