Russia Deposits An Undated Novel HA with 225G and 212E equal to Argentina8574

A/Vladivostok/01 was deposited today at GenBank with no sample date though the markers may indicate a very early pandemic virus.

As we are discussing HA residue 225 frequently of late, this sequence bears the 225G paired unusually with 206S.  All 225G carriers after April 2009 pair with 206T except A/Catalonia/NS1706.  At the beginning of the pandemic, a group of 4 Texas and Mexico sequences paired 206S / 225G.
  • MXinDRE4114
  • MX3955
  • TX05
  • TX11
The Vladivostok01 HA is remarkable for reasons other than 225G.  The Argentina connection rises again as 212E appears on the Vladivostok sequence.  Argentina8574 is the only known PF11 sequence with 212E (encoded from 'gag'). 

A US H1N1 Swine sequence, NCsw36883, was impeached from serving as a candidate originating strain on Argentina8574 due to a variant encoding of the 212E from 'gaa' on the swine.  The 212E encoded from 'gag' has only been paired in the recorded PF11 reservoir with 206T prior to this Russian deposit.

The third polymorphism on the Russian sequence is silent.  A330G, ggA->ggG, codes for a synonymous Glycine at residue 86 (syn86G) and is not found previously in ΣPF11.
  • syn86G
  • 212E
  • 225G
The pairing of any two of the three is novel to ΣPF11.

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