Spain Demonstrates 225E and 80% Hydra Effect in Final Week of October

The astoundingly alacritous and accurate Hospital Clinic of Spain today released a number of very contemporary sequences at GenBank, including 10 HA, 10 NA and 11 MP segments sampled from 2009-10-26 to 2009-10-29.

225E is found in 6 of the 10 Hemagglutinin sequences.  No 225G, 225N or 226R are found in these 10 sequences.  All 10 sequences display 206T.

225E is Fixed and Conserved, I'd say.

Several new faces come into the PF11 reservoir with this deposit and among the 10 sequences we find the following amino acid codings, several of which you've watched emerge and then have tracked with us:

33I, 35I, 71G, 225E, 264D, 298V, 377K, 387D, 447K, 463T, 480K, 519N.

As you can see from the amino acid codings list, Influenza Flux is at work and recombinations are being recycled in the Mediterranean and Adriatic geographies.

CatS1600, CatS1604, CatS1605, CatS1606, CatS1620, CatS1632, CatS1637 and CatS1650 appear at first glance to be novel in HA permutation to ő£PF11 at GenBank.  Across 3 days in one country, the Hospital Clinic samples 8 distinct HA segments springing at one time that are novel to the worldwide reservoir and co-existent with at least 2 previously discussed circulating strains.

CatS1641 and CatS1651 are each characterised with independent homology to earlier Catalonia strains and, on CatS1651, with recent Singapore entries as well.

10 sequences with 10 distinct HA segments in 1 geography during 1 time period of 3 days.

The Hydra Effect has never been more evident. 

Due to time limitations, this analysis is far from complete and may involve error.  As always, we invite independent verification on this short study.

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