225N Increased Range and Diversity includes Texas, Argentina, Brasil, Russia and Turkey

R. Gutierrez Children's Hospital in Buenos Aires recently deposited a large group of sequences at GenBank from their winter peak of ΣPF11 activity.  Of the large group, two sequences demonstrate Receptor Binding Site changes at amino acid position 225 (June 2009) and one additional sequence is TamiFlu Resistant (late July 2009).  Not unexpectedly, none of the sequences in the large batch carry the cross-segment linkage to the Ukraine of HA syn413K and NA syn407V.

225G is represented in a sample taken 2009-06-29 (5F), Argentina/HNRG16.

275Y on the Neuraminidase conferring TamiFlu Resistance is shown on a single sample taken 2009-07-27 (1F), Argentina/HNRG23.

Of particular interest is the increasing documentation of the range and diversity of 225NArgentina/HNRG8, sampled on 2009-06-11 (2F), joins a growing list of recent quasi-species (mixtures) and samples that sequenced substantially for 225N to widen the number of backgrounds supporting this rare polymorphism to at least 5 distinct carriers.  Geographic range now includes North and South America, Russia and Turkey

Recent additions with 225N include:

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