Russia - Ten Samples Yield One 225G, One 225N, One TamiFlu Resistant and Six on the Cross-Linked Background with HA syn413K and NA syn407V

The Institute of Physical-Chemical Medicine of Moscow and Vector introduced sequences today from 10 samples into GenBank with the HA and NA segments.  The 9 samples that are dated were taken in November 2009 and perhaps are representative of ΣPF11 at that stage in Russia.  60% of the deposit today falls onto the cross-linked background with HA syn413K and NA syn407V

Tomsk08 from lung tissue is a 225G case, presumably fatal, with 131P and Russia100 carries 225N with 131P.  Russia61 is TamiFlu Resistant in typical fashion with NA 275Y.  None of the three falls on the cross linked background.

Cross Linkage Sequences

Kurgan01   with HA 214E and NA mixture at 407
Russia4      with HA syn238E (1918) and 324I (1918)
Russia12    with HA 324I (1918)
Russia19    with HA 324I (1918)
Russia171  with HA 165N
Russia180  with HA 165N, syn239P and 264G

The silent nucleotide revision coding for a syn238E on Russia4 is notable.  As you can see from the data, genetics found on the 1918 Pandemic strains have been employed from the beginning in the ΣPF11 march.  The G755A, GAg=>GAa, coding for the syn238E is seen on all 1918 sequences and WSN33.  The revision is rare within this pandemic reservoir, demonstrating odd patterning on the 11 instances. 

The silent change is found at the beginning of this pandemic in Germany and the United States in 4 sequences:


And the silent change is found recently after a gap of several months in Belarus, Russia and the United States:


Is this re-emergence of the silent change useful to track?  If the change fell silent at the beginning, should it also fail at this moment in time?  Does the syn238E now have a background that allows synergy and conservation?  We remind the scholar this area is only slightly downstream of two major RBD positions that are volatile within this flu reservoir (225 & 226).

This viral reservoir continues to gain genetic information in a pattern trending toward 1918 sequences.  No appearance of stability has yet occurred in this particular geography and neighboring areas.

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