Hemagglutinin of NewYork4014 (2009-06-10) is exact match to Tokushima1 (2009-06-02) with 145I and 296H.

A sequence from Broome County, New York deposited today at GenBank, A/New York/4014, is an exact match on the Hemagglutinin to the Japanese sequence, A/Tokushima/1.  NY4014 was sampled 8 days after the Japanese sequence.

These two sequences are also an exact HA match to a previous NY sequence, A/New York/3573, taken 2009-05-21.

The NY4014 and Tokushima1 homology fails on other gene segments as the NY4014 appears relatively stable to the PB2, NA and NS1 segments' PF11 consensus. The NY4014 NS1 is an exact match to NY3573.

Of particular note on the NY4014, Tokushima1 and NY3573 HA segments is the 145I that sets apart only 6 sequences within ΣPF11:

As you can see from the table, the most current samples with 145I carry 296H, a polymorphism of interest on HA.

The intra-segment exclusivity trend between 296H and 206T continues to exist within ΣPF11.

A NY-Japan-NY segment transfer is not surprising given international air travel.  A more robust database would allow greater acuity into the interpretation of the ultimate origin of this rare HA event.

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