Spain Introduces 2 November Sequences with Cross-Segment Pairing from Fatal Cases in the Ukraine

The HA and NA cross segment pairing of silent polymorphisms noted on the four fatal 225G cases from the Ukraine has now been tracked to 29 sequences around the globe on a cumulative study showing a quantifiable density in Spain.

  • HA:syn413K encoded from A1281G, AAa->AAg *
  • NA:syn407V encoded from T1221C, GTt->GTc *
* SNP Matches the 4 fatal flashfire cases

The most recent public database entries at GenBank are from Spain and were sampled in November 2009.
  • HA and NA CatNS7362 TamiFlu Resistant
  • HA and NA CatS1827
This background appears to be fertile ground and receptive to both major polymorphisms of interest today:

  • HA 225G correlated with deep lung damage and one "low reactor" vaccine antisera challenge result
  • NA 275Y conferring TamiFlu Resistance

The depth of this background continues to increase with 2 TamiFlu Resistant strains reported in 2 days.  The persistance of this cross segment correlation may signal a viral genetic acquisition response to widespread TamiFlu usage.  These silent polymorphisms are suggestive of an intermediate stage that is moving in the direction of antiviral resistance and continued Receptor Binding Domain revisions due to antiviral blanketing.

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