Nagasaki brings Novel HA Introductions into PF11 with 124I and 307S

A Japanese sequence from Nagasaki was published at GenBank today with the antigen Hemagglutinin only.  The sample was collected in July 2009 from a 4 year old female child and represents another unique face to ΣPF11.  

HA Amino Acid Codings to 2 Novel Polymorphisms
  •  124I
  •  307S

Novel to ΣPF11.
Progenitors may include:
A/goose/Hong Kong/8/1976(H1N1)
A/chicken/Hong Kong/14/1976(H1N1)
Movement is common at this residue in human and avian H5N1 and swine H1N1

Novel to ΣPF11.
Progenitors unknown.

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