HA 263D Observed in Russia, Thailand and Japan

A/Tomsk/01, deposited in late July 2009, introduced the pandemic to 263D on Segment 4 (HA).

Since that novel introduction, four additional specimens have been deposited matching the Tomsk01 nucleotide sequence coding for 263D, spreading the geographical and time range.

A/Thailand/271/2005 (H1N1) is a potential progenitor for this SNP and other recent pandemic acquisitions.

These sequences carry additional HA polymorphisms including 244I on ThaiCU-H9 matching Ancona02 and 405T on ThaiCU-H276 matching TorontoT5362.

You've noticed from our discussions that this HA domain has activity occurring in many parts of the world.  Residue 263 continues to rank as a primary watch position within ╬úPF11 for our team.

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