Spain's Addition to Third Sub-Clade with HA 225E RBD Change

A/Catalonia/S1120, sampled on 2009-07-20, Segment 4 (HA) and Segment 6 (NA), from a 1 year old child falls into a third sub-clade (with earlier Cat378 and Cat387) in this large sequence deposit from Spain that is varied by position 225 in the Receptor Binding Domain.  Sao Paulo, Brasil showed a very similar hyper-morphic pattern at this position (225G & 225N) during the same timeframe though Brasil was in their winter.  Spain is showing polymorphisms coding for 225G and 225E.

The CatS1120 sequence shows 225E paired with 206T.

Neuraminidase Quadruple Combination
CatS1120 = 106I, 248D, 275H, 286S

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