Taiwan526 demonstrates HA and NA Nucleotide Diversity while coding for Amino Acid Homology

A/Taiwan/526, sampled in July 2009, Segment 4 (HA) and Segment 6 (NA), provides a working demonstration of silent polymorphisms within each primary antigen.  The amino acid codings of the HA and NA are unremarkable; however, when we examine at the nucleotide level, each segment appears unique within ΣPF11.

The closest HA match is 1741 of 1744 residues while the nearest NA is 1437 of 1441.  Of interest is the HA A781C (ATa to ATc) coding for a synonymous Isoleucine at residue 243 (243I).

Neuraminidase Quadruple Combination
106I, 248D, 275H, 286S

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